Welcome to The Invincible Artist!

My name is Kim Wimmer and I am an educator, writer, actor, singer, and speaker in Los Angeles. I teach acting and chair the theatre department at The Young Americans College for the Performing Arts.  I am a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree. I am committed to helping actors and other performing artists super-charge their resilience, re-ignite their passion & purpose, so they can worry less and work more–doing what they love. Performing artists are courageously vulnerable, yet they face rejection far more than most in other professions. Arts training programs do not typically offer resilience training, nor do they address well-being. For my thesis, I created a model called The Resilience Compass that develops actors’ mindset and skill set, cultivates self-compassion through mindfulness, fosters community among like-minded professionals, and promotes using one’s talent in service to others–so that actors may live their passion and purpose with more agency. But The Resilience Compass isn’t just for actors. It’s applicable to just about anybody, especially creatives. 

If you (or a performing artist you know) would like to supercharge your resilience, re-ignite your passion & purpose, and improve your well-being, please join/like my FB page “Kim Wimmer • The Invincible Artist” for posts, articles, opportunities, and encouragement. Wishing you a wondrous and resilient 2017!

graphic for RC copy.jpg

Here is a link to the thesis:

The Resilience Compass: How Mindset, Skills-Development, Self-Compassion, Service, and Community Empower Actors to Bounce Back, Reclaim Their Passion, and Live Their Purpose

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