The Invincible Actor Intensive Begins June 12th

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Do you wish you could walk in and out of every audition with unshakeable confidence… & love your life while you craft the career you’ve always wanted and worked for?

This 3 month course takes you through The Resilience Compass — a research-based well-being model that takes a deep dive into cultivating the essential bullet-proof mindset for the successful actor. Discover the practices and processes that lead to transformation. Build a toolkit for mastering resilience to quickly bounce back from disappointments, have opportunities to use your talent in service & be connected to a community of like-minded individuals who use their art to uplift and inspire others.


Sign up now and get all of the content, worksheets, exercises & videos from the 5 Day Resilience Challenge FREE!

More about The Invincible Actor Intensive:

*Discover The Resilience Compass— (an evidenced-based 4-part system that can transform your life and career)

*Resilience Mindset and Toolkit (a powerful way of processing and retooling your perspective along with nitty gritty tips and tools for getting your thinking/reacting/behavior back on track when it goes astray)

*Self-compassion through Mindfulness and Meditation (a process for re-aligning the way you talk to yourself in times of disappointment and frustration — along with training to begin/strengthen your mindfulness and meditation practice)

*Building Social Capital Through Community and Service (understanding and leveraging the power of high-quality connections and relationships — along with using your talent in service to others to grow your network, be up to something bigger, and step into the promise of your career)

*Passion and Purpose (re-igniting that spark that pulled you to performing in the first place, getting clear about your why, and harnessing the power of meaning in your career)

Each Month—

* Bi-weekly emails with training content, worksheets, exercises, and links to further study and additional resources

* 90 minute online live interactive video training

* 90 minute group coaching call

* Downloadable guided meditation

* Email and text support

* Group Impact project

Are you ready to be an Invincible Actor?

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