What if you could have the creative career of your dreams AND love your life while you’re at it?

The Invincible Creative Intensive begins March 5th, 2018.The Invincible Creative-6

Suffering for your art is SO 2017.

Being a successful performing artist or creative is about so much more than your craft. But you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness and well-being to “make it.”  

Isn’t it time to thrive?

Artists and creatives are, in many ways, the most courageous among us. We stand in our vulnerability to share our offerings, knowing that our creation is just as likely to invoke judgment as it is to be meaningfully received. Even though we face rejection much more often than “normal” people, arts training programs and creativity-based curricula offer little, if any, education regarding how to develop resilience and maintain our well-being in such rejection-heavy, unstable careers.

Using The Resilience Compass, a 4 part evidence-based system I created that’s grounded in the science of positive psychology, we give performing artists and creatives the tools, processes and practices that enable them to bulletproof their creative mindset, transcend burnout by aligning with their passion and purpose, and to share their talent in a way that matters… so they can build the careers they’ve always wanted and worked for, and love their lives while they do it.

I sure hope you can join us!

🦋 Kim


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