Kim Wimmer, MAPP is an educator, actor, singer, recording artist, writer, speaker, and founder of The Invincible Artist. She is on a mission to empower you to re-ignite your passion & purpose, supercharge your resilience, and rock your creative career.

Kim has 24+ years of experience as a professional entertainer with starring credits in feature film, network television, regional and off-broadway theatre. She played Elyce Cantwell on Comedy Central’s Strip Mall for two seasons. Other venues/networks include Yale Rep, IRT, Disney, CBS, FOX, USA, ABC. She was the lead singer of the band Clockwork in residence at The Bellagio and The Mirage in Las Vegas.

While obtaining her MAPP degree (Master of Applied Positive Psychology)fullsizerender-4 from the ground-breaking program at the University of Pennsylvania, Kim created The Resilience Compass – a well-being model with all the tools creatives need to overcome any obstacles along their path, allowing them to have thriving and successful careers.

Kim is the theatre department chair and a professor of Acting at The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts. She actively promotes positive education, community, and talent-based service in the performing arts. She has created and administered tutoring programs for inner city and homeless children. She leads resilience and well-being workshops for actors and other performing artists. Kim is also a certified NLP practitioner and has completed Mindful Self-Compassion: Core Skills Training through UC Berkeley. She has presented her work at the International Positive Psychology Association World Congress 2017, and the Western Positive Psychology Association 2017 Conference.


By integrating positive education and service learning into arts education and conservatory training, we can foster resilience and bolster well-being among performing artists.

I created a model called The Resilience Compass, which uses positive psychology to better prepare actors and other creatives to bounce back and take ownership of their passion and purpose. Additionally, there is a surprise intersection of acting technique and positive psychology practices, and that overlap isn’t limited to its relevance to actors. Acting technique through a positive psychology lens may also help non-actors to unlock their creativity and proactively develop their own characters—their best selves.

I believe the arts matter and so do the artists. My intention is to start a well-being movement in the performing arts community that will ripple into the greater community—connecting us as humans, uniting us through art. When artists thrive, the world flourishes.


The Resilience Compass: How Mindset, Skills-Development, Self-Compassion, Service, and Community Empower Actors to Bounce Back, Reclaim Their Passion, and Live Their Purpose


contact: info@theinvincibleartist.com